The Loving Room wants to provide you a shopping experience that allows you to decorate your home with highly eclectic pieces which incorporate a distinct Parisian flair.

We have unique pieces that can’t be found in any other store, at prices that are highly affordable compared to what it would cost you to travel or order the same internationally-sourced pieces yourself.

… a hard-to-explain distinctive element that makes homes decorated
in the Parisian style have an alluring charm.

Parisian style decor is timeless, sophisticated and elegant.

Even if a Parisian home or apartment trends to be more modern, it will still include antiques and figurines. It’s the eclecticism that contributes to the feeling of effortless style. It could be a couple of statement side tables or a large armoire that will add a flair of sophistication, an element of Parisian decor. And don’t forget the shimmering elegance of a crystal chandelier for an added element of glamour, luxury and the unexpected.

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